Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cali vacation part 2

In-n-Out with Aunt Carol! 
The weather during our first couple of days in Glendora was sizzling hot!!  Thank goodness for fun ways to cool off like eating in air-conditioned restaurants and going swimming!
Swimming at Aunt Nancy's pool with second-cousin, Lincoln
Griffin tried out my cousin Melissa's water polo cap. (:
We got to meet the newest member of the family, baby Dominic (Lincoln's baby brother)
 Aunt Nancy getting some bonding time with Tate (:
 That evening Hickmans invited us over and Aunt Carol made a delicious dinner--BBQ chicken and lots of yummy veggies!
Tate like gnawing on a corn cob (:
 One of the Hickman's cats had kittens just a few weeks before we got there, and they were sooo adorable. (:  The kids loved getting to see such tiny kitties!
Melissa invited me to go with her to the Mom-to-Mom Group kick-off event that she co-leads.  It was neat to see what their group was like and get ideas for the moms group that I help lead. (:
Tate was very interested in baby Dominic:
The littlest second-cousins (:
Josh had never been to Del Taco before, so we went there for lunch with Aunt Carol & Wyatt.
Tate knew who to go to for the good stuff. (: Yummy fries!
Then we went back to the pool to cool off!
Cute Brothers!
My cousin, Emily, and Tate

(Aunt Nancy, Melissa, Griffin, Tate, Uncle Mike, Ryan (Emily's fiance), Emily, & Josh)
Aunt Nancy made burritos for dinner and they were so good!  I need to get the recipe!  After dinner Josh helped Ronan, Lincoln, & Griffin work on a puzzle. (I love Ronan's shiny blond hair in this picture!)
While we were in Glendora, Melissa & Shaheen were kind enough to let us stay in their trailer (it was parked at her grandma's house).  We really appreciated it!  The trailer is so nice & comfortable!  I didn't take a picture of the trailer, but I took this one of the "Tate-sized" bathtub. (: 

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