Monday, July 7, 2014

Ruddick Family Thanksgiving

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Ruddick side of the family on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It also happened to be the Civil War game, which is why we are all wearing orange & black. :)
Ronan-9, Tate-3, Griffin-7 (Mama-35, Dada-36)
The Greens
Tate & Lydia
Emma & Audrey
The Creagers & Bradley
My contributions to the meal:  homemade rolls, broccoli salad, & sweet potato apple gratin.
Great Aunt Fern & Great Grammie
Attempting a group shot...I think Amy got the good one. ;)

Griffin's Party!

We celebrated Griffin's 7th Birthday with friends and family at the church.  It was a Minecraft-themed, glow in the dark hockey party!  Josh went all out on the games and decorations, and I had fun with the Minecraft food!
The Creeper cake made with brownie squares.
Tyler helped me with the custom Minecraft signs

The hockey arena...
Everyone had fun with the glowing face paint & black lights!
Waiting patiently for instructions

The spectators
Ready for the balloon stomping game.
Time for cake!
Griffin was super excited about all of his presents!

Crazy cart game. :) (Josh welded the cart especially for this party!)

A little more hockey fun before the party ended.