Thursday, October 28, 2010

Family Pics

A few weeks ago we made an attempt to do our own family photo shoot at Hendrick's Park. 
I was 33 weeks along in my pregnancy at the time.
Ronan chose this pose.  He said, "I've seen brothers take pictures like this before."
Ronan~6 years old
Griffin~ a month away from being 4 years old
(Ronan started to stand right as the timer went off.)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Barn Party

Saturday, Oct. 23rd ~  We spent the day at home resting (me) and working on projects (Josh) until it was time to get ready for the annual Barn Party at the Schar's.  Griffin was very excited about his tiger costume and sat patiently as Josh painted his face.  I'm so glad I got pictures because by the end of the night Griffin had wiped off all of the paint because it was too itchy. (:
Happy Tiger
Serious Tiger
Making faces & growling in the mirror
Ronan dressed up as a Rock Star.  
He didn't want to have streaks in his hair unless I wore streaks, too. (:
The Chase Family~ a hobo, a shark, Karate Kid, an elvish avenger, and a pink fairy (:
The Henry Family~ two ninjas, a gardener, and a rooster (:
Playing games in the barn.
Spider man Ethan & Tiger Griffin
Ronan with his buddy, Kyle, who was dressed as an alien.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Harvest Party

On Wednesday, October 20th, I went to Ronan's 1st grade class for their harvest party.  (Griffin went home with the Henrys after preschool, so I was able to go to the party by myself.) 
Each kid got to choose a pumpkin and then did activities at three different stations.
They decorated the pumpkins using push pins, sequins, and construction paper.
At the next station they estimated the weight of their pumpkin and then weighed them to see how close they were.
Ronan's self portrait (: on the classroom wall.
The final station was sorting pumpkin seeds into two piles based on size (grande & pequeno).
When Ronan's teacher needs to speak in English, she puts on her orejas de ingles (English ears), and the rest of the time she only speaks in Spanish.
My friend, Katie, with three of her five kids (baby Freeman, Aurora, and Gabriella).


At our Moms of Grace group this week we realized that we had quite a few pregnant women present, so we thought it would be fun to get a group picture!  Thanks, Amy, for being the photographer. (:
Left to Right: Malia, Jeanette, and Lindsey (all due in February), Erin (due in January), Me & Sheila (due just one day apart in November!)

Happy Birthday, Papa!

On Monday, October 18th, we all got together to celebrate my dad's birthday!  His dinner request has always been sloppy joes and tater tots --and we all look forward to having it!
Mom made two pies and a giant cookie for dessert!
Getting ready to watch Papa open his presents:
Tyler is getting SO big!  He and Katrina have the same size feet!
Papa and all the grandkids got new In-n-Out t shirts!
Griffin describing the artwork on his card:
Ronan drew pictures of what he and Papa like to do together: biking, fishing, and eating. (:
We all pitched in to get Papa a bike repair stand.
Mom & Papa were heading to Seattle the next day to be with Erik for his birthday, so they were able to hand deliver our gift to him.  Josh built a boom case for Erik (the Henrys and Chases pitched in for the supplies), and it turned out SO cool! 
We tried it out that night (;