Monday, October 25, 2010

Barn Party

Saturday, Oct. 23rd ~  We spent the day at home resting (me) and working on projects (Josh) until it was time to get ready for the annual Barn Party at the Schar's.  Griffin was very excited about his tiger costume and sat patiently as Josh painted his face.  I'm so glad I got pictures because by the end of the night Griffin had wiped off all of the paint because it was too itchy. (:
Happy Tiger
Serious Tiger
Making faces & growling in the mirror
Ronan dressed up as a Rock Star.  
He didn't want to have streaks in his hair unless I wore streaks, too. (:
The Chase Family~ a hobo, a shark, Karate Kid, an elvish avenger, and a pink fairy (:
The Henry Family~ two ninjas, a gardener, and a rooster (:
Playing games in the barn.
Spider man Ethan & Tiger Griffin
Ronan with his buddy, Kyle, who was dressed as an alien.

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