Saturday, October 2, 2010

In the kitchen

Saturday, Sept. 19th~ Mom and Katrina came over to can tomatoes and green beans using our gas stove.  (They both have glass cook tops, which is not recommended for canning  because of the weight of the pressure cookers.) 
They canned green beans from Katrina's garden and tomatoes from the Farmer's Market.
Later that day I was cooking dinner and Griffin wanted to help.  He really likes to hang out in the kitchen & cook with me--and he especially likes it when he can do things all by himself.  As I was peeling potatoes, he was studying what I was doing and asked if he could try the peeler by himself.  I decided to let him figuring that he would lose interest or get frustrated, but he was determined to get every bit of the peel off of the potato.  It was cute seeing him so focused.

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