Monday, March 29, 2010

Ski Adventure

 During Spring Break, Josh took a day off work so that we could take the boys skiing for the first time!  This is something we had been wanting to do for awhile now, especially since Ronan has started showing interest in learning to ski with daddy.  We rented skis the day before and borrowed some gear from our friends, the Kecks, so we were all set!  We decided to go to Hoodoo since they have a great setup for kids.  There is a short chairlift to a bunny slope that is perfect for kids to learn on.  (It was free for both boys and only $19 for adults for the easy rider lift.)
 All suited up & ready to hit the slopes!
Josh giving Griffin some instructions
Griffin getting used to his skis
Instructions for Ronan
Heading to the chair lift
Griffin on the chairlift with Mama
Josh & Ronan skiing!!
Ronan and Griffin both did SO great!  They learned really fast and gained confidence with each run.  As long as Griffin's skis were pointed down the hill he was just fine. (:  Ronan definitely picked up on more technique and figured out how to turn and stop.  I have videos of both of them that I will try to post soon!
Taking a break for hot chocolate-- not that we needed to warm up!  It was so warm outside that Josh took our coats, hats, & gloves to the car.
Me and my boys
The four of us
Ronan on the chairlift with Mama
Ronan & Mama
Daddy & Griffin with Mama & Ronan in the background
What a day!!  We were so proud of our little skiers!

Daffodil Fest

March 20th~  Amy called in the morning to invite us to the Daffodil Festival in Junction City.  The whole family was going, so we thought it would be fun to join them.  It was amazingly sunny & warm that day!  We were the first to get there so we sat in the sun while we waited for the rest of the group to arrive.  As we sat there we heard someone call our names, and it was our good friends, Alan & Kelly!  They had been at the festival that morning and they were getting ready to leave.
Josh and the boys wanted to try out our new car's little tailgate. (:
Kelly & me
(Kelly was halfway through her chemo treatments at this point!)
Alan is such a great sport--he always takes the time to wrestle with our boys & they love it!
Griffin checking out the pretty flowers (:
Petting the llamas with Grammie & Grandpa
Cute little finger puppet (:
Erin, Ethan, Audrey, Dylan, and Ronan sat in a teepee and listened to a story.
We went on a horse-drawn wagon ride around the festival.
Josh, Griffin, Me, Dylan, Ronan, Lydia, Grammie, Ethan, Jon, and Emma in the backpack
Audrey, Erin, Amy, and Macey
I had to be brave when the horses were turning around at one point, because I really felt like the wagon was going to roll over.  I think I'm having a little post-traumatic stress from our car accident. ):

Baby Shower

Tuesday, March 16th~ I co-hosted a baby shower for my friend, Melissa, with the help of my friends, Beth & Katie, and my sister, Becca.  It was a really great much fun getting to hang out with just the ladies!
Becca made this cute ( & yummy!) mint ice cream cake!
Becca, Kelly, Beth, Melissa, and Lindsey
Beth came up with some fun baby-themed games
Melissa with all of her gifts. 
She is expecting her 3rd baby...a girl, who will join two big brothers. (:
Katie, Me, Melissa, and Beth

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

Our nephew, Tyler, turned 10 years old on March 14th and we were invited to celebrate with him at Skate World!  It's hard to believe he is ten already!  I so vividly remember the day he was born...a month before his due date, and it was during finals week of my senior year at OSU.  It's been such a joy to watch him grow into the cool kid & fun biggest cousin that he is!!  Happy Birthday, Tyler!
This was Ronan's second time skating and he really got the hang of it!
He started off holding onto the carpeted wall the whole way around, but gradually felt brave enough to let go and skate on his own.  He did a great job!
Griffin was excited to try out his skates
Josh helped him around the rink several times, and then he got to ride in the stroller for the rest of the time.
Katrina & I skating with Griffin & Finn in the strollers.  I love that they allow this at Skate World!  It's such a great thing for the little ones. (:
(I borrowed this picture from Katrina)
The birthday boy was called out and they played a quick version of the birthday song for him. 
He got this cool hat, too!
Tyler and his friends
The Novemberists
A glow stick makes a good teether. (:
Mama & Dada with the Birthday Boy

Friday, March 26, 2010

Field Trip

Friday, March 12th~ Ronan's kindergarten class went on a field trip to Home Depot after finishing a science unit on wood.  Ronan was so excited for the trip and made sure that Daddy could take time off work to go with him.  This was right up Josh's alley and he was really looking forward to going. (: 
Each kid got a Home Depot apron and they got all of the supplies to build a bean bag toss game.
Getting started...
My three guys focusing on the project. (:
Ronan's buddy, Liam, was in our group for the building project.
Daddy & Son showing the finished product!
Liam & Griffin trying it out
Griffin, Liam, & Ronan
Once everyone was finished we went on a tour of the lumber department.
The whole group of AM & PM kinders!
The bus ride back to school. 
Griffin got to ride in the bus this time, so he was super excited about that...and even more excited that he got to sit by Liam. (: