Monday, March 15, 2010

PK Park

On Wednesday, February 24th, we went to an open house at PK Park, the baseball stadium for the Oregon Ducks and Eugene Emeralds.  Amy told us about the open house and so we planned to meet up with their family after the dads got off work.  We drive by it almost everyday and have watched the different phases of construction, so it was neat to see the field up close and check out the dugouts.
Me with my little athletes. (:
It started raining when we got there, so we stood under the covered area for a little while.
A bunch of people were standing on the field so we joined them to see what the turf felt like, and then we were told to stay off the field.  Ooops!
Ethan, Macey, and Ronan
A (washed-out) picture of the cousins in the dugout:
Emma, Macey, Griffin, Ronan, and Ethan
The Greens
Our Fam

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