Friday, March 26, 2010

Field Trip

Friday, March 12th~ Ronan's kindergarten class went on a field trip to Home Depot after finishing a science unit on wood.  Ronan was so excited for the trip and made sure that Daddy could take time off work to go with him.  This was right up Josh's alley and he was really looking forward to going. (: 
Each kid got a Home Depot apron and they got all of the supplies to build a bean bag toss game.
Getting started...
My three guys focusing on the project. (:
Ronan's buddy, Liam, was in our group for the building project.
Daddy & Son showing the finished product!
Liam & Griffin trying it out
Griffin, Liam, & Ronan
Once everyone was finished we went on a tour of the lumber department.
The whole group of AM & PM kinders!
The bus ride back to school. 
Griffin got to ride in the bus this time, so he was super excited about that...and even more excited that he got to sit by Liam. (:

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