Thursday, September 25, 2008

fence building + work party

We decided sometime in August to try to get our house on the market at the beginning of September, so by the time Labor Day weekend rolled around we were scrambling to finish up all the last-minute projects. One major thing that needed to be done was finish the fence between the two houses. Josh had most of the materials cut and ready to assemble from almost a year ago when he build the fence on the side of the house where we had trees cut down.

Getting the posts set for the fence dividing our two lots.
Assembling the fence panels
Josh spraying/staining the fence
Here's the finished product!
We felt blessed to have so much help from my family and Josh's family~ so many people pitched in and helped when the tasks seemed impossible to accomplish.

Papa and Ronan digging holes for new plants in the backyard.

Memaw and Griffin watering the new plants.
(Great) Grandpa Lermo helped with the landscaping, too, and took some time to play with the kids.
Mom painting the trim & door on the front of the house.
Thank You SO MUCH!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lydia!

On Saturday, August 23rd, we went up to Albany to celebrate Lydia's 6th Birthday! She had a cosmic bowling party with friends & family, and then afterwards we went to their house for a family BBQ.
It was fun being at a girly party since we are so used to boys in our family. Ronan continues to have a little crush on one of Audrey's he was so excited to see that she was there that day. (: Ronan (and Griffin) love their cousins, and it is cool to see how they can interact more as they are getting older. Audrey and Lydia helped Ronan a lot with bowling and playing games in the arcade. It was really sweet.
Ronan jumping & cheering as his ball rolled down the lane.
Even Griffin got to bowl! He liked trying to carry the ball all by himself (:
Lydia blowing out her candles
Erin, Josh, and Ronan hanging out.
Griffin and Macey playing in the Creager's backyard
Griffin, Dylan, and Ronan playing on the slide together.
Lydia opening her gifts...
Griffin and Dylan lounging together...I'm pretty sure it was past bedtime, but the kids were playing so well together it made it hard to leave!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Final Soccer Class

The morning of Ronan's last soccer practice we woke up to rain, so his class got moved from the park near our house to the indoor Kick City facility in Springfield. Ronan was excited to get to play on the "fake" grass! Here he is trying to score a goal past his coach.
My parents surprised Ronan by coming to watch. He was so happy, and Griffin liked the extra company too!
final team cheer
Coach Greg handed out a certificate with the team picture on it to all of the kids.
Such an excited little soccer player!

Griffin throwing a rubber disc
Photo by Papa

Muddy Boys

Sunday, September 14, 2008

cousin time + crazy skies

August 15th continued...
After our work was done for the day we decided to find a place to cool off. The Chases joined us along with Natasha and Wyatt, and we went to Alton Baker park to feed the ducks and play in the river. It was such a pretty summer evening!
A mama duck with her ducklings
Cohen, Sadie, and Ronan heading down to the water.
It felt so nice to be in the water!
Natasha and Ronan
Griffin throwing rocks into the river
Tyler and Griffin building a dam
Josh and Ronan working on the dam
Cohen and Becca
It was so cool watching the sky change while we were playing. First the clouds turned pink...
Then the whole sky turned pink and purple.
Blurry picture on the drive home.
And, finally, later that night there was a big thunder storm! Josh patiently waited outside with the camera to get a picture of a lightning bolt:

work party

August 15, 2008
Josh took the day off work to continue working on the siding of the new house in preparation for painting the following weekend. I was busy packing and painting in our old house to get everything ready for the carpet to be replaced. It was super hot and not much fun...but my family came to the rescue! My dad, Uncle Keith, and my cousin, Wyatt, worked with Josh and also moved a bunch of boxes up to the attic of the new house. Aunt Carol and my cousin, Natasha, helped me paint our bedroom---they did most of it! They were all amazing! I know it was not at the top of their list of fun things to do on vacation, but we really appreciated their willingness to help us. It was fun for us to have their company, and I hope it was somewhat enjoyable for them, too. (: OK, on to the pictures:

Ronan, Natasha, and Aunt Carol standing in Ronan's closet in his new room.
Wyatt carrying boxes from one house to the other.
Uncle Keith
Papa working on the siding/trim on the scaffolding at the peak of the roof.
See below
This picture was taken a few nights before. Josh and my dad are on ladders on the scaffoding....scary sight! Thankfully everyone was safe!
Our bedroom before:
Aunt Carol and Natasha painting over the yellow walls.
Our bedroom after:
(this picture was taken after the new carpet was installed)