Monday, June 30, 2008

Track Town

This evening we rode our bikes to Hayward Field to check out the Olympic Trial festivities. I wish we had tickets to actually watch the athletes compete, but it was still fun to be close to the action and experience some of the excitement!
We left our bikes at the free valet bike parking area, then walked to the festival. Our boys enjoyed getting to ride on Daddy (:

Griffin looks so huge in the Baby Bjorn...but he still likes being in it especially when Josh wears it (:

Ronan was really excited about all the freebies and samples at the various booths. He even got an autograph from Lauryn Williams, a qualifier in the 100 m.
For dinner we had pulled pork sandwiches from Lorenzo's, a booth that some of our neighbors down the street own.

Pool Fun!

Our friend's pool is now open for the summer! It is so kind and generous of them to let us come swimming whenever we want to (: We went there with the Chases and Fullers (minus all the husbands).

It's been hot here lately, so the pool water was actually really comfortable. We were SO impressed with how well all of the kids did for the 1st swim of the season! Tyler, Sadie, and Ronan have always been super brave in the water, but today Cohen and Griffin really surprised us in how excited they were about swimming!

Tyler, Micah, and Sadie
I was babysitting Miles, our neighbor friend, so he came along with us. His mom (April) told me that she didn't think he would want to get in the water, but he stayed in for the whole 2 hours...just floating around in the tube with his life jacket on. (:
Griffin wasn't too thrilled about wearing a life jacket at first, but he soon forgot about it.
I didn't get any pictures of him in the water because I had to stay right with him the whole time. He liked jumping into my arms from the side of the pool and swimming all around holding onto a noodle (:
Ronan went down the slide a few times and had a ton of fun jumping into the pool! He's getting closer to being ready to swim without water wings. We'll have to practice the next time Josh is there with us.
So many fun things to do in the Summer! I love it!

we play while Josh works...

Josh has been working so hard on the house lately, and I get to spend my days going to parks and playing with the kids. It doesn't seem fair, does it? Sometimes my days feel exhausting, but I have to remember that most of the time I have it easy compared to Josh. I know he enjoys working on the house, so I don't feel that bad for him (:

In the morning on Friday we met Katrina and Finley at Oakway Park, along with my friend, April and her kids. Ronan absolutely loves sand and water! Other moms often make comments about how sandy he gets, and I just smile (: I expect it and I'm usually prepared with extra clothes for him...and they are just glad that they don't have the job of cleaning him up! Most of the time I am OK with him being All boy (:
Griffin was really drawn to the fountain...not necessarily to get wet, just to fill his bucket. He's more timid than Ronan is when it comes to water.
Here's Finn trying to either fill up or wash off his sippy cup (:
Later that evening my parent's came over so that my dad could help Josh with siding. Josh is also hiring one of the high school boys in our youth group to help finish the siding!
While they all worked, my mom and I strolled the boys to our neighborhood park. It had been a super hot day, so it felt nice to be outside as it was cooling off.
Before the kids went to bed Josh climbed way high up in our cherry tree to get some of the nice and ripe ones. Ronan had been waiting so patiently for Josh to do that (:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

pizza & play time

We got to hang out with the Root family again and this time Josh was able to be there along with the Greens. We all went to Papa's Pizza for dinner, which is a favorite pizza place for the adults and a fun play place for the kids! There were lots of sweet moments to capture, so I'm posting quite a few pictures.

Ethan and Macey playing in the ball pit!
Colson (in blue) and Kaden (in red) joined in!
Josh and Ronan had fun climbing in the tunnels and tubes...and soon all of the kids made their way to the top!

Griffin peeking down at Mama.
Here's our attempt at a group picture of all the kiddos. Josh and Amy are holding up Ethan and Macey from behind the divider (:
Top: Ethan & Macey (19 months)
Bottom: Ronan (almost 4), Kylee (5), Colson (3 1/2), Kaden (3 1/2), and Griffin (19 months)
Me, Terra, Amy
Terra and Jim
We sure miss having the Roots in Eugene! We all had such a great time visiting!

moving right along

Yesterday afternoon a huge truck came to deliver the sheet rock for our new house! Josh asked me to take pictures since he was at work...and it turned out to be really cool to watch.
The crane lift would pick up big loads of the sheet rock and reach them into the house at the front door where the guys were there to stack them inside the house.

Ronan watched while plugging his ears (:
Lifting up to the 2nd floor...
The sheet rock crew (6 guys) came today to start working! We were expecting them Friday or Monday, so it was a nice surprise! It's amazing how fast they work! I'll post pictures soon.

All Six

Tyler, Sadie, Ronan, Cohen, Finley, and Griffin

special delivery

A package came in the mail addressed to Ronan and Griffin from Great Grandma Ruddick! They were very excited about opening the box and even more excited when they saw what was inside.

Great Grandma made a Raggedy Andy doll for Griffin!
And clothes for this silly monkey for Ronan!
They are really enjoying their special gifts from Great Grandma!
Ronan was excited to sleep with his monkey that night. Griffin loves to play with his Raggedy Andy, but he did not want it in his crib with him (only blankets) (:
Thank You Great Grandma!

Fun Day Monday

Our week started off with a fun day of playgrounds and visiting friends. In the morning the kids and I went to the Henry's park with Katrina, Carolyn, and Finley. I love Katrina's post, so you can check it out if you want to see more pictures. She got some cute ones (:

Griffin loves tunnels!
He had fun crawling after Finn and exploring all the play equipment.
Ronan's favorite thing at this playground is the spinning toy. He liked getting dizzy!
Later on in the day I got a call from my good friend, Terra, who was in town with her husband and kids. They live in Wisconsin, and the last time they were here in Eugene Griffin was just a few weeks old! They were looking for something fun to do and I had the evening free, so we decided to meet up and go to the park (Grammie's park). Terra's parents live next door to Josh's parents (they all grew up together)...and Terra and I have been friends since we were in middle school! It was so much fun hanging out with their family!

Griffin, Ronan, Colson, and Kaden playing in the sand together.
Pretending to be animals in a cage (:
Kylee and Ronan
Griffin on the merry-go-round with Colson and Kaden.
Terra and I!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Solar Panels + Insulation

Here's a quick update on our house:

We recently had panels installed for solar hot water.
Close up:
Before insulation and drywall could be installed we had to get several things inspected and signed off for: plumbing, electrical, framing/structural, heating system, and one other thing that I can't think of right now (: Josh worked many late nights trying to get everything ready for the inspections, and all but two passed on the first try! We found out that it all depends on the inspector...some are more picky than others. By the end of last week everything had passed inspection and we were able to get the insulation contractors in!
Blowing in the Spider insulation
They came back on Monday and finished all of the insulation in the ceilings, garage, and attic!
(view from the living room up the stairs)
(attic/bonus room)
(living room- view of fireplace)
(the garage)
Now it's time for sheet rock and plaster...the materials were delivered today!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday Night

The Young Families BBQ at the Schar's was a huge success! There were around 130 people in attendance...the most ever at this kind of event! It was great to see everyone and let the kids all run around & play together.
The kids go crazy for tractor rides with Jason! Ronan is usually very nervous about getting in the trailer with all of the kids, so Josh hopped in with him (and Griffin) and they rode together (:
So much fun!
Luke Benson (:
Tyler showing me the caterpillar he found.
After the tractor ride was over and everyone went on to other things, Griffin wanted "up" on the "dactor" (tractor) so he could pretend to drive. He loves vehicles...just like his brother (:
Nathan Gunderson--such a sweet boy!
Oh yeah, we rode our bikes to the Schar's house (about 5 miles each way). I love riding in the evening, especially on Sundays when there is not much traffic. The wind was warm and it was still light outside at 8:00! It's finally starting to feel like summer around here!!