Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Visitors

Warning: I went a little overboard with pictures in this post! (:
Not even 1 full day old~ so tiny & sweet!
Great Grandpa Lermo came to visit in the morning.
The Bensons drove over from Sisters so that Robin could see Tate the night he was born.  The next morning the whole family came to visit.
 The Chase family
 Lindsey Hayman
Auntie Erin and cousins, Audrey, Lydia, & Dylan came down from Albany
 Silly Cousins!
 Tulips from my big boys (:
Rachel & Jane from my HS small group
 Snuggling with Daddy
 The Greens came to visit after Ethan & Macey's 4th birthday party. 
(Tate was born the day before their birthday!)
 Cousin Macey
 Cousin Ethan
 Cousin Emma absolutely loves babies!!
 Uncle Jon
 Aunt Katie
 Uncle Kenton & Finn
 Cousin Cedar
 Memaw & Papa
 It was fun that Papa was working at the hospital on the days we were there (:

Tate's Birth Party

This photo was taken right before Tate was born.  I have felt so thankful to have my mom and sisters there for each of my sons' births.
It was also so special to me to have my dear friend, Kelly, and my wonderful sister-in-law, Amy, there!  Amy was the photographer and took the majority of these pictures.  Thank you so much, Amy, for capturing so many sweet moments!
After Tate was born the rest of our local family came to meet him.  We felt honored to have so many people there to share in our joy!
Such a sweet Grandfather/Father/Son moment!
Papa holding his eighth grandchild (7th grandson!)
Grandpa holding grandbaby #9!
 Grammie's turn to hold sweet Tate
Cuddling with Memaw
A picture with our photographer (:
Cousin Finley was so excited to meet baby Tate (:
My amazing & supportive friend, Kelly
Aunt Becca and cousins Tyler, Sadie, & Cohen were all so overjoyed to finally get to meet & hold Tate!
Tate being admired by his Papa and big brother (:
Aunt Amy
Such a proud Papa!
Josh is wearing the "It's a Boy" tie that his dad and grandpa each wore the day their sons were born. (:  What a special honor!
What a lucky daddy (:
The Henry Family
Uncle Kenton