Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Visitors

Warning: I went a little overboard with pictures in this post! (:
Not even 1 full day old~ so tiny & sweet!
Great Grandpa Lermo came to visit in the morning.
The Bensons drove over from Sisters so that Robin could see Tate the night he was born.  The next morning the whole family came to visit.
 The Chase family
 Lindsey Hayman
Auntie Erin and cousins, Audrey, Lydia, & Dylan came down from Albany
 Silly Cousins!
 Tulips from my big boys (:
Rachel & Jane from my HS small group
 Snuggling with Daddy
 The Greens came to visit after Ethan & Macey's 4th birthday party. 
(Tate was born the day before their birthday!)
 Cousin Macey
 Cousin Ethan
 Cousin Emma absolutely loves babies!!
 Uncle Jon
 Aunt Katie
 Uncle Kenton & Finn
 Cousin Cedar
 Memaw & Papa
 It was fun that Papa was working at the hospital on the days we were there (:

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