Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blue lights & Going home

The morning of November 14th, the pediatrician came to tell us that Tate's bilirubin levels were too high for us to go home as we had planned.  Her recommendation was for us to stay another night and keep Tate in a bili blanket to try to get his numbers down.  After some discussion we decided to stay that day until they could recheck his levels and see if we could go home that evening.
Sweet glowing baby (:
The Turanski family came to visit us:
Alan meeting Tate
Kelly & Eli
After about eight hours of light therapy, Tate's bilirubin level went down enough for the pediatrician to let us take him home!  We were so excited and relieved--
Tate looked soooo tiny in his carseat!
My mom and Ronan & Griffin met us at home.  Griffin's first thought was to introduce his little monkey to his baby brother. (:  They were about the same size!
Ahhh, so happy to be home with our three sons.
Memaw getting some snuggle time.
After we took these pictures of Ronan & Griffin holding Tate we printed them off so they could show their friends at school the next day.  It was strange knowing that life just goes on after having a baby, but I was so thankful that Josh had time off work (even though the big boys had to go to school...)

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