Monday, December 13, 2010

Home for a bit...

November 15th~ The morning after we got home from the hospital we had to take Tate to get a blood draw to check his bilirubin levels.  (Definitely not my first choice of what to do that day!!)  Ronan went to school and Griffin came along with us.
Our tiny little yellow baby (;
Poor little heal owies from all the pokes ):
His bili levels were okay at this point, and we were told we could wait a few days before a recheck. 
Asleep in Aunt Becca's arms
a quick visit with Memaw & Papa
Sydney, our sweet friend (& neighbor), brought us dinner one night.
 Ronan loves holding his baby brother (:
Visiting Griffin's preschool class:
November 17th~ Back at the doctor's office for another bilirubin check.  Sadly, we were told that his levels were in the danger zone and we needed to take Tate straight to the hospital. ):  I was so devastated to hear that news.  I really wasn't expecting it, and definitely didn't feel prepared to go back.
We quickly picked Griffin up from preschool and took him to Memaw's house. Then, Josh checked in with Ronan at school and told him what was going on.  We had planned to take Tate to Ronan's class for his "sharing" that day, but that would have to be postponed. ): 
Cohen, Griffin, and Finn saying goodbye to Tate
Once we got to the hospital the nurses got Tate under the bilirubin lights as fast as they could.  We were surprised at how serious they seemed about the situation, but now looking back we are glad that the Dr and nurses acted so quickly. (One of the risks associated with high bili levels is brain damage...)
 Tate needed to stay under the lights pretty much non-stop for the next 24 hours.  I had to bottle feed him, burp him, and change his diapers while he layed there.  It was very hard on me to not be allowed to hold him during that time.  Josh stayed with Ronan and Griffin at home that night and I stayed with Tate.  Amy, my sister-in-law, came that evening to see Tate and she hung out with me until I was ready to sleep.  I really appreciated having her there to visit with & help keep my mind off of feeling anxious. (Thank you, Amy!)
One quick snuggle after the nurse did a blood draw & before going back under the lights:
A woman who volunteers at the hospital asked if she could play a few songs for Tate. (: 
My dad was working the next morning, so my mom stayed with me for a few hours.  That day I got permission from the Dr to hold & nurse Tate for 30 minutes at a time every three hours.  I loved having my baby back in my arms!
Thank you, Mom, for being there that day!  I really appreciated the emotional support!
Papa came to visit during his breaks throughout his shift.
Josh spent the rest of the day with us while we waited for Tate's bilirubin level to drop...
The view from Tate's hospital room:
Kelly and her boys visited, too.
Around 8:00 that evening we got word that Tate could be discharged!  We felt so thankful that we didn't have to stay another night!  Even though we were only there for two days it felt so much longer.
Ronan & Griffin were so happy to have the whole family home again. (:
A few days later...Tate's 1st family Sunday dinner at Memaw & Papa's house.  Uncle Aaron finally got to hold him (he had a cold when Tate was born). (:
The Fullers came over one evening to see Tate.  Jill was also sick when Tate was born, and then she was out of she was dying to meet him & hold him. (:

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Terra said...

I hadn't realized you had this bump in the road - I am so sorry! My boys had the bili beds too (as well as a bunch of tubes and wires) and though they looked cute, I remember the ache of wanting to hold them in my arms too - it's so unnatural for a mommy! I am so grateful he has recovered and has returned home with his family! What a blessing to all be reunited! I can't wait to meet him!