Thursday, December 23, 2010

December Misc.

Tate- 3 weeks old
Ronan and Griffin took on the job of decorating our tree this year.  They even got to climb the ladder to put ornaments high up on the tree.
Grammie came over to watch Ronan & Griffin while we went to youth group, and she got some cuddle time with Tate before we left.
I remember taking pictures like this by the Christmas tree when Griffin was a baby.  (:
My parents offered to watch Griffin for me one Friday while Ronan was at school.  I got a bunch of Christmas shopping done with Tate sleeping in the stroller. (:  And Griffin and Finn got to help Memaw make sugar cookies!
A few days later, the big boys and I made cookies for the Moms of Grace cookie exchange.  They mostly like to help so that they can lick the batter at the end. (:
They like to help with Tate also (:

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