Friday, December 24, 2010

Preschool Performance

Before heading out for Griffin's preschool Christmas performance, I took some pictures of our three boys all dressed up.
 Ronan- 6 yrs, Tate- 1 month, Griffin- 4 yrs
 Griffin did such a great job singing on stage!  He didn't seem as nervous as he was a few months ago for the VBS performance, and this time he sang the whole time!  He has already gained a lot of confidence since starting preschool in the fall.
(Finn and Griffin- top right)
 Cousins Ethan & Macey were up next:
Then cousin Cohen's class took the stage:
  Tate is usually asleep in his car seat when we go places, so it was fun to see him awake & alert that night.
Grandpa Gordon & Tate Gordon

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