Thursday, August 30, 2012

Track Trials

June 26th~ The Olympic Track & Field Trials were in Eugene again, and this time around I was excited to take the boys down to Hayward Field to really experience it! (Four years ago we were in the middle of building our house and life was pretty overwhelming, so we only made it to Hayward for a quick peek.)  Becca and I rode the shuttle with our kids from Autzen to Hayward so that they could participate in the All-Comers Meet! (Tate stayed home with a babysitter.)  It was so much fun!  I loved that the kids got to run on such a famous track!  It really sparked an interest in track for the kids--I'm so glad that they got to participate and that they all had fun doing it!
These guys are ready to run!
Sights around Hayward Field
The track...waiting for the All-Comers Meet to start.
Griffin and I waiting for his age group to get called to the track...
It was nice having a buddy there to run with!
Excited...maybe a little nervous. (;
Starting Line
Go, Griffin!
Way to go!!
Griffin & Eli
Ronan had some buddies in his age group, too!
John, Ronan, & Cade
Ronan stretching before the race. (Our friend Ryan was filming the event.)
Griffin & Cohen
Even the Oregon Duck got to run on the track.
Go, Ronan!!
Good job, guys!
They each got a t-shirt for participating in the meet.
Griff & Ro
Cohen & Sadie

Becca & Me- haha!
The kids completed a series of track events and earned a prize at the end.
Griffin doing the long jump.
Woo Hoo!  We are fans of Galen Rupp!
Ronan got sunglasses for his prize!
Becca charging her iPod for a few minutes... (;
...more power!
We explored a little more in the village.
Checking out the Nike running shoes.
Some of the results so far...
Thirsty boys!
Future olympians (;