Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oakway Park + more

On June 21st, Amy invited us to Oakway Park to play with her kids and the Neale family.  Ronan, Griffin, and I rode our bikes there (Tate was in the bike trailer), and it went really well!  I'm looking forward to many more family bike rides this summer!
Tate loved the fountain, and Ronan as always was drawn to the sand & water. (;  Thankfully I came prepared with baby powder and extra clothes!
Emma & Ethan
Tate was trying to have a conversation with this little boy:
Hooray for Summer!!!
I don't think I mentioned yet that we agreed to take care of Manuelita, Ronan's 2nd grade classroom pet, for the whole summer!  She is a very sweet turtle and is easy to take care of, but you know, it's another think to remember to take care of. (;  It's going great so far!
Tate is gently laying on Manuelita (;  I made sure that he wasn't squishing her before I took the picture!

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