Tuesday, August 28, 2012

June 15th continued~ We had dinner at Mom & Papa's house with the Chases, Henrys, Jahangards, & Adamians.  
Melissa, Becca, & Katrina
The little cousins must have been eating outside, because all of us big cousins took over the dining room. (;
Group Photo Time
Line 'em up...oldest to youngest
Tyler, Sadie, Ronan, Cohen, Finley, Griffin, Lincoln, Cedar, Tate, & Dominic
 After dinner we went to the church where Kenton & Katrina were hosting a game night.  Melissa and I ended up hanging out in the nursery most of the time with the little kids. (:  It was fun watching them play together!
Tate was really into pushing the stroller & other carts. :)
Tate & Lincoln
Sadie is so good with kids!
 Steve & Kellie got in on some of the games. (:
 We had such a nice visit with our cousins--we were sad to see them leave the next morning!    
Thanks again, Kellie, Steve, Melissa, & Shaheen (and boys) for including us in your Oregon travel plans!!  You are welcome to come back and stay with us anytime!

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