Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dylan!

Saturday, March 28th
We went up to the Creager's house in Albany for our nephew Dylan's 4th Spider Man Birthday Party! He was so excited about having everyone over and we all had a great time celebrating his special day! The weather cooperated at first and we were able to play in their backyard before it started raining.
Such a big boy!!
Uncle Josh riding a tricycle~still a kid at heart (:
The girl cousins (minus Emma)
Amy and Ronan attacking Brad at the BBQ with pool noodles!
Grammie and Lydia

Griffin shooting hoops (:
Ethan, Griffin, and Dylan swinging together.
Dylan with his cool cake! He was SO excited about it!
Dylan posing with his big sisters.
Party time!
This was Dylan's expression with every gift. (: He got so many cool toys!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Break

My friend Kelly and I took our boys to the Wildlife Safari in Winston during Spring Break. We had such a fun day! The kids did great despite having to spend most of the time in the car. When we first got there we walked through the village area where we saw cheetahs, monkeys, and other various creatures in cages.
Eli, John, Ronan, and Griffin
Thanks for posing for us, Cheetah!
There is a small petting zoo with goats and miniature horses--Eli was a little freaked out by the goats at first since they were so close to his eye levle. (:

My Little Lambs (:
Checking out the monkeys
The ways these monkeys played (and fought) reminded me of my boys. (:
Then we were off to drive around the safari. The sun came out as we were driving, and all the animals were active and close to the road for us to see. It was such a fun experience for the kids!

Something new to the Wildlife Safari is an Elephant Car Wash! The elephants are trained to spray water from their trunks onto the cars, then they use a sponge to "wash" your car. We didn't want to pay to have it done, but we were able to get close enough to see the whole process. Pretty cool. (:
These bears were playing around up on their hind legs.

Griffin was excited about the zebras!

Ronan's favorite part was watching the ostrich come right up to the car window!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Pics from Everyday Life

Silly boys trying on my glasses (:
Griffin trying out Ronan's skateboard...thankfully he was on the carpet and not the hardwood floor or pavement!
Baking with Mama on a day when we all just needed some cake!

Sadie brought over her princess tent one day while we were watching her at our house. The boys were good sports playing castle with her. (:

Ronan loves to wear costumes. One day when the Chase kids were over to play I found them sitting on the stairs like this. Ronan, the ninja, and Sadie "reading" the Bible. (:
Ronan recently started showing interest in learning how to read, so Josh started working with him on sounding out little words.

Happy Birthday, Jon!

After Tyler's party on the 14th of March we headed over to the Green's house to celebrate Jon's 33rd Birthday. We had cake and ice cream, and enjoyed spending some family time together.
Here's Jon and his Mom getting Emma to smile and giggle. (: She's such a sweet baby!
Amy, Emma, Ronan, and Great Grandpa
Ronan likes interacting with Emma. (:
Macey and Ethan helping Daddy blow out his candles.
Ronan made this card for Uncle Jon (:

Macey and I were wearing matching outfits.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

On Saturday, March 14th, we celebrated my nephew Tyler's 9th Birthday party at the Chase's new house! It was a little bit strange being in the house without having all of our things in it, but I'm sure it will feel normal soon. (: Tyler requested a Mario theme for his party and invited all the family and a few friends from school. It was fun watching Tyler interact with his buddies--he's growing up so much!

Becca decorated this awesome cake!
Proud parents with the Birthday Boy!
Ronan, Blake, Becca, Tyler, Aaron, Sadie, Cohen, and Drew

Ronan, Sadie, and Cohen liked getting to "hang out" with the big boys. (: Tyler's friends were good at keeping Ronan in line (they must have younger siblings). (:
We got Tyler some Mario figurines to display in his new room.
Griffin cuddling with Papa after his nap.
Since our baby monitor reached next door, we actually let him nap at our house during the party. (: He woke up in time to play some of the party games.