Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Portland Family Time

We had a really nice visit with Josh's side of the family on Saturday, March 31st.  We don't get to see his grandparents or aunts & uncles very often, so it was a special thing (Which is why I took a zillion pictures!)!  
Grandma & Grandpa with their four children: Kris, Jan, Gordon, & Kathy
Cousin Sara bonded with the kids while drawing & coloring together. (:  She is quite an artist!
Sara, Aunt Kathy, & Macey
After visiting and eating, we all sat in a circle and shared memories together.  The kids even performed a few songs from Sunday School. (:
Aunt Kathy lives in Virginia, so we really don't get to see her very often!  We made sure to get lots of family pictures!
Somehow I only caught a silly face picture of the Green family. (;  
Our family--photo taken by Amy
Goofy Ones:
The original Ruddick family
Josh's parents & grandparents
The Greens w/ G&G
Aunt Kris & Uncle Jeff Potter with G & G
The Ruddick sisters
Tate showing me a stick he found.
The kids all got Easter baskets from Grandma & Aunt Kris...and boy was Tate ever so excited about his pull-along grasshopper!  He was SO cute with it!
He figured out how to pull it around right away & just took off with it!
Thanks, everyone, for such a great visit!  It was a lot of fun!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


We had a little time to kill after checking out of out hotel and before gathering with Josh's relatives, so we ate lunch at the Jantzen Beach mall.  Josh and I remembered seeing a big carousel there and thought it would be fun for the kids.
It was so great seeing how much fun the cousins had together. (:  We need to do stuff like this more often!
Time for the carousel...

Hotel Fun

Staying in a hotel is the best! (According to Ronan & Griffin)
Especially if there's an indoor pool!  
Tate looked so cute walking to the pool with Daddy (:
The pool was a little chilly, but still lots of fun!
Soon enough everyone congregated in the hot tub to warm up.
Tate even got to put his legs in for a few minutes (;
Cutie cousins!
"Hey, who's that handsome guy?"
Getting ready for bed...
Big smiles early in the morning...

The hotel had an awesome complimentary breakfast buffet!