Wednesday, April 11, 2012


At the end of Spring Break we went to Portland for the weekend!  We already had plans to spend time with the Ruddick relatives that Saturday, so we thought it would be fun to go up on Friday and play around, then stay in a hotel.  The Greens decided to do the same, and we had a great time with them!  

We first went to OMSI to see their new Lego exhibit and all the other cool things they have there.  (:
I'm always so thankful to have Josh with us at OMSI (or any science-type place)!  He helps figure out the exhibits and enjoys playing with everything almost as much as the kids do. (:
Griffin, Ethan, & Ronan
Lego man
Mt. Rushmore out of Legos!
The kids thought the Lego sculptures were VERY cool!
I think it would be neat to do something like this (with Legos) in our playroom.
Posing by the Lego poster.
There was a space for kids to build their own Lego creations.
Tate got some hands-on time, too.
Emma checking out the cool bearded dragon.
Griffin, Macey, Tate with Aunt Amy, & Ethan
Where's Tate? (:
As we were leaving OMSI, Josh thought it would be fun to take a walk across the bridge.
My guys (;
Tate was getting very sleepy, and ended up napping in my arms for most of the walk. 
That's our Ronan...being one with the geese. (;
It was nice to let the boys run around!
This picture looks scarier that it was (thanks for that, Josh!).  There's no way they could've fallen off the least I hope not!?!

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