Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ruddick Family Christmas 2013

Our Christmas Day just kept going with a final stop at the Ruddick household.  Josh's parents, granparents, & sisters with their families were all there!
The best we could get of all the cousins ;)
The boys got fleece blankets from Great Grandma Ruddick
Minecraft swords made by Uncle Josh
I drew Grammie's name for the gift exchange and Josh helped me find a Kindle in the price range. :)  You can tell by the picture that she was super surprised!
Singing Christmas Carols
We were all getting a little sleepy.
Traditional pictures by the tree.

Hecht Family Christms 2013

After opening gifts at our house, we went to Memaw and Papa's house.  The whole family was there, including Erik!  Yay!
Every year the mound of gifts surprises me!  There are 18 of us, so it all adds up. ;)
Uncle Josh made minecraft swords for all the kiddos
A fiddle for Griffin from Memaw and Papa!!
Ronan got a fancy ukulele from Memaw & Papa!
Then it was time for the adults to exchange gifts:
Me and my siblings
Our family with Memaw & Papa