Friday, April 29, 2011

5 months old!

April 12th~ Our happy boy is 5 months old! 
So many smiles, giggles, & babbles these days! (;  He plays around with lots of sounds, like "ah goo" and "dadadada".
Fuzzy blond hair:
(my mom said it's like mine when I was a baby)
He still looks so little to us, even though he's growing & growing everyday.  He wears mostly 3-6 month clothes, and is starting to grow out of the size 1 diapers.
He's drooling & teething...
Enjoying tummy time a little more now than he used to.
He can roll from his front to his back, and back to front...but he's only done it a handful of times. 
He loves the bouncy chair and most recently the Jumperoo!  So much fun!
Tate likes all the fruits and veggies that he's tried.  He is a messy eater, though!  With each bite I give him, he follows it by sucking on his hands or spitting out half of the bite.  Oh well, at least he loves taking baths (:

Bowling Party

Saturday, April 9th~ We made a quick trip up to Albany for Dylan's bowling birthday party!  It was great for the cousins to get to play together and for us to get to visit with Brad!  It had been way too long since we last got together.
Uncle Brad got lots of cuddle time with Tate. (:
Lydia's turn (:
Ronan & Griffin had fun in the arcade:
~ hugs & tickles (:

My Birthday

April 8th~ I had a wonderful time celebrating my 33rd birthday throughout our very busy weekend!  Kelly treated me to lunch at Dickie Jo's --so yummy and fun to have some girl time! (Ronan was at school, and Becca offered to watch Griffin and Tate for me.  Thanks, Becca!)

Ronan had a baseball game that evening, so as soon as Josh got off work we picked up mini pizzas at Papa's Pizza and headed to the game.  Afterward, we went home and I got to open my presents from Josh & the boys.
I got some cute spring shirts and a nice food processor/blender that I had been wanting! (:
Saturday was filled with the baseball opening ceremony, a baseball game, and a last-minute trip to Albany for Dylan's party (pics coming soon).  Then, after church on Sunday, we celebrated my birthday with my side of the family.  My parents put together a delicious burrito/taco bar for lunch: 
Josh (with Ronan & Griffin's help) made my cake--an orange supreme cake with chocolate frosting.  It was very yummy!  Griffin had been asking to make a princess cake for me, so Josh bought princess candles--and then Becca cut out the princesses from the candle package to add to the decor. (:

So much to be thankful for!  My wonderful Josh, who is so perfect for me and such an amazing dad to our boys!. (:  I never imagined that I would have three sons, but they each bring me so much joy! Life is exciting and I am looking forward to all the fun years ahead!
I felt so loved & spoiled by all of my family--what a blessing! (:
Present time!
My parents gave me (& Tate) a signed stink bomb onesie with my cousin Dan's artwork on it, from his recent art show. (:  To see it up close click here and you'll find it under his personal art.
I also got some cute shirts from the Henrys, money and stuff from my parents (:, and an exercise hula hoop from the Chases!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Saturday, April 9th, was the opening day ceremony for Sheldon Little League. 
Each team was called out to the field--the majors all the way down to tee ball.  This year Ronan is playing AA (machine pitch), coached by our good friend Dusty Smith.
Go Red Sox!
Ronan had his first two games that weekend, and we sure enjoyed watching our big boy play!
Most of the time he was focused...
...but he would sometimes dance around & draw in the dirt with his foot. (:
It's going to take some time for Ronan to get used to the pitching machine. The first few times up to bat he wasn't able to hit the ball.  But, in the second game he got a great hit and got on 1st base!  It was pretty exciting!
Great job, buddy!