Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad & Jon!

We celebrated Josh's dad's birthday & our brother-in-law Jon's birthday all together on March 20th.  Amy and Jon hosted, and we all had a great time eating together and hanging out.  The cousins played & played & played so well together.  They always have a lot of fun together! (:  Most of my pictures are of the kids (especially Tate)--there seems to be a trend here.  
Emma loves Baby Tate and always asks to hold him. (;
Great Grammie & Great Grandpa handle all the kid commotion so well (:
Rocked to sleep by Auntie Erin
Emma, Ronan, & Ethan
Audrey curled up in Macey's toddler bed (:
Dylan & Lydia
Tate wearing his tie onesie (:
Big smiles for Macey
Amy, Ethan, & Erin
Presents for the Birthday Boys:
Nine Cousins!
(or Tate Plus Eight as I like to say) (:
Newest member of the Ruddick father/son circus. (:

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Erin said...

Adorable post, Gretchen. Love all the pics of those sweet babies and their good looking parents :) Tate plus 8 is about right! Thanks for sharing.