Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Finley's Spring "Break"

On Tuesday of Spring Break my boys and I met up with Katrina, Amy, Kelly, and Susan and all of their kiddos for open gym at NAAG.  What a great play group!  It was really fun seeing all the kids play together!  Unfortunately, the Henry's time was cut short after a jump into the foam pit landed Finn with a broken arm. ):   Ronan, Griffin, and Finn were holding hands and jumping into the foam pit together.  We saw it happen and had been watching several jumps before the one that landed wrong.  Katrina even caught it on video...and you can read about it and watch the video here.  I felt so horrible and partly responsible, but accidents happen and now we know that it probably wasn't a good idea for them to be holding hands while jumping.  It was very traumatic for Finley when it first happened, but once they got to the hospital he handled it like a champ!  Such a brave boy!
The following pictures are of the fun times before the break.

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