Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We had a combined birthday party at our house for Dylan, Amy, and me on Saturday, April 2nd.  Dylan's actual birthday was on March 31st and mine & Amy's were coming up on the 8th and 11th of April. (:  We had a lot of fun celebrating together!
The aunties had fun bonding with Tate (:
The kids took over the attic and the playroom and entertained each other for hours.
At one point Audrey had the cousins playing "school", and, of course, she was the teacher. (: It was very cute!  Amy walked by and overheard Audrey saying, "One, two, three. Eyes on me." and the kids all repeated her. (:
It was even nice enough to play outside!
 We had pizza and salad for dinner, followed by a super yummy dessert that Amy and her mom made!
Present time!
Our gift to Dylan:
I love these cute faces!
Dylan is 6!
Chocolate Mousse Torte! It was so delicious!
(for the almost 33 and 32 year olds!)

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