Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Remaining Spring Break

We spent the last few days of the break sleeping in, staying in our pajamas all day long, and just hanging out at home.  It was nice!
I love the messy hair and that they are working together to decode the back of the cereal box. (:
Playing with Moon Dough, which Ronan noticed sounds the same as the Spanish word "mundo". (:  "But they mean different things, Mom." (:  
Building a hideout...
I heard Tate but couldn't see him until I looked in the hideout. (:
Sneaky big brother!
The Henrys stopped by to show us Finley's cast.
Ronan brought out his cast from when he broke his arm as a 14 month old. (;
Teething already?  He seems to be drooling more and wanting to chew on everything...but still such a happy baby!

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