Friday, April 29, 2011

5 months old!

April 12th~ Our happy boy is 5 months old! 
So many smiles, giggles, & babbles these days! (;  He plays around with lots of sounds, like "ah goo" and "dadadada".
Fuzzy blond hair:
(my mom said it's like mine when I was a baby)
He still looks so little to us, even though he's growing & growing everyday.  He wears mostly 3-6 month clothes, and is starting to grow out of the size 1 diapers.
He's drooling & teething...
Enjoying tummy time a little more now than he used to.
He can roll from his front to his back, and back to front...but he's only done it a handful of times. 
He loves the bouncy chair and most recently the Jumperoo!  So much fun!
Tate likes all the fruits and veggies that he's tried.  He is a messy eater, though!  With each bite I give him, he follows it by sucking on his hands or spitting out half of the bite.  Oh well, at least he loves taking baths (:

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