Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hult Center

Wednesday, April 6th ~ The Meadowlark/Buena Vista choir got to be involved in the Oregon Children's Choir Festival and perform a song at the Hult Center!  This was Ronan's first time performing since he joined the choir in January, and he was very, very excited!  I got new clothes for him to wear, which made him feel extra special. (:  It was such a neat experience--we were so proud of him and all the kids!  They did an amazing job!
What a special thing for Tyler, Ronan, & Sadie to get to experience together. (:
Such handsome & beautiful kids!!
Their choir was the largest one at the festival!
Ronan is in the second row from the bottom, and the 4th one in from the right.  Tyler is in the top row, and the 7th one in from the right.
Sadie is in the front row, and the 4th one in from the left.
Here is the link to the performance.  You'll have to forgive the amateur filming job-- it's shaky and blurry at times (;You can also check out Becca's video if you want to see one that's less shaky & blurry. (:

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Beth said...

How awesome!!! You look so handsome Ronan and loved seeing your pictures!