Wednesday, April 6, 2011


3/23/11~ Josh took Wednesday off work while the kids were on spring break, and we headed up to Portland for a day of family fun. (:  Our first stop was at Josh's grandparent's house.  It had been over a year since we last saw them, and this would be their first time meeting Tate!  We had a really nice visit!  Grandma made lunch for us and we enjoyed getting to catch up on each other's lives.  We were there just long enough for Ronan & Griffin to be able to stay on their best behavior. Ha ha! No, they did really well!  They both ate their food nicely...even Grandma's homemade chicken nuggets, which I thought were super yummy, but the boys said later that they like the store-bought ones better. (:

Great Grandma with her silly great grandsons (:
Next we went to OMSI to take advantage of free admission using our Science Factory membership!  We spent almost four hours there exploring and checking out all of the exhibits.  It was great watching Ronan and Griffin getting excited about science, and I loved having Josh there to help them figure things out.  They even got to go on the submarine tour, which was probably as much or more fun for Josh as it was for the boys. (:
Tate happily went along for the ride. (:
The current featured exhibit was called Lost Egypt, and they had a fake camel and dessert scene set up for a cute photo opp.
We spent the majority of our time in Turbine Hall where they have all kinds of interactive chemistry, physics, and technology-type stations.  Not my cup o' tea for sure, (: but right up Josh's alley!  I ended up learning a lot though. (:
Here they are building structures and then testing them to see if they can withstand the shaking table (earthquake).
Tate thinks science is fun (:
Josh wanted me to take a picture of this charging station:
The next few pictures were taken by Ronan on our walk back to the car:
After OMSI we decided to look for a good place to eat downtown.  We found a sushi restaurant that ended up being walking distance from the apartment of our good friends, McKenzie & Tiffany!  They joined us for dinner and then we went back to their place to see it before heading back home.  I'm so glad they were willing to be spontaneous- we had a fun visit!

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