Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Erin & Mom!

Our weekend continued with more birthday celebrations--and we had some catching up to do!  We combined Erin's birthday (which was July 18th) with Mom's (which was Aug. 5th) and had a party on Sunday, August 7th at Emerald Park.
 Grammie with all nine grandkids!
 Grandpa got in the picture, too!
 Ronan opening his gift from the Creagers
 Erin opening her gift from us (:
 Grammie's turn
 We got her a garden frog...
 And some flowers for her yard...
 Time for the giant (Costco) chocolate cake!
 Happy Birthday, Erin & Mom!!  We love you both very much!

Happy Birthday, Becca!

Saturday, August 6th, was Becca's 36th Birthday!  We all got together at the Chase's house for a fun night of hanging out in their backyard!
 Sooo many tasty desserts!
Becca made such a fun dessert: S'mores on a stick!
Hangin' in the hammock...
Me & my almost 9 month old!!
Sweet Cedar
Paco & Amy liked interacting with Tate. (:  They are expecting their first baby boy in a few months!!
Mom & Papa with their first born birthday girl.
Becca makes 36 look good (:
Flowers & garden decor from us...

Happy Birthday, Kenton!

We celebrated Kenton's 30th Birthday at the Henry's house with a lasagna feast, yummy desserts, and board games!!  It was a fun party! (I forgot my camera that night, so these pictures are from my phone) :-\
Happy Birthday, Kenton! 
 Their backyard was set up so nicely!  I liked how we all got to sit together for dinner!
Ava, Cohen, & Griffin playing in the sand box
Ronan sportin' his new birthday clothes (:
the chickens...
Pretty flower garden!
Tate always has lots of fun with Uncle Aaron (:
Time for Gifts:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pool Day!

We went to Amazon Pool for the first time this summer with Becca & her kids on August 2nd.  Memaw & Papa kept Tate for us so that we could swim with the big boys a little easier. (:  We had a great time!   
We had the underwater camera with us:
Ronan & Sadie
Griffin getting ready to jump in:
Griffin is swimming so well this summer!!  He is comfortable getting his face wet and going underwater now. (:
Josh took the afternoon off work so he could swim with us!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Family Party

After the friend party, all of the family came over for dessert & to celebrate with Ronan!  It was such a fun day!
Ronan & Memaw posing with the baseball pinata that they made together!
Aunt Amy, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa & Grammie Lermo enjoying the fountain area!
Almost time for the pinata...
...all the cousins lined up youngest to oldest to wait for their turn.
The pinata was so strong it was almost indestructible!  Everyone got lots of turns hitting it, which made it so much fun!
We got out the metal bat for Ronan to finish it off, but he still couldn't break through it!  Josh ended up taking a few whacks at it and broke it open.  A lot of the candy was crushed and some of the plastic army guys had missing was a pinata experience we will never forget. (: (:
What a big seven-year-old!!
Money from the great-grandparents!
This boy has such great facial expressions (:
He's lovin' the skater & rocker clothes these days.
M&P got him a cool dude shirt like Uncle Erik wears. (:
A bow & arrow set from Papa!
Make a wish, birthday boy!
We love you so much, Ronan, and we are so very proud of you!
Posing with his new bike from us:
Getting lessons from Papa on how to shoot the bow: