Thursday, August 25, 2011

Coast & Cooking

We made the most of our last few days with Shannon & Cheer by going to the Saturday Market, Skinner's Butte, the Oregon Coast, and to the movie theater to see Cars 2. (: 
The view from Skinner's Butte:
Although it was foggy at the beach, we still had a fun time playing in the water. Thankfully it was warm outside & it wasn't windy!
Beach Baby
It was fun having girls in the family (:
Tate discovered the sand...
Ronan found a sea star!
We all went on this giant dune buggy for an hour long tour of the sand dunes.  Even Tate got to go!
Ronan & Griffin liked the ride, but told us that they will be ready for the faster dune buggies next time.  (Such thrill-seekers just like their daddy!)
It was a chilly ride, but worth it to see all the amazing views of the dunes!
Back at home...We made homemade pizzas one night for dinner and the girls enjoyed getting to help prepare them. 
The pizzas were a huge hit!  The girls tried all the different kinds we made, and even went back for seconds!  (American food didn't always go over very I was very happy when they like the pizza!)
As we got to know the girls more we found out that they both really love to cook, and they wanted to cook a meal for us. (:  We bought ingredients at an Asian market and they prepared some traditional Chinese dishes.
It was such a treat!

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