Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MOG Family Night

On Friday, July 22nd, we went to an Ems baseball game with some of the families from my Moms of Grace group, and Shannon & Cheer got to come with us!  It was their first time to a baseball game!

Tate stayed home with Grammie so that we would be able to sit & watch the game a little easier. (:
I had fun hanging out with my big boys!
The guy next to us caught a Frisbee that was thrown into the crowd (that Ronan was sooo close to catching!).  He was very kind & gave it to Ronan. (:
Sluggo once again provided the entertainment for the kids (:
At one point he jumped (flopped) over the fence right in front of us!
Griffin was so very excited to get a hug from Sluggo!
Here's our group: the Spain, Koh, Rodriguez, & Ruddick families.
Me, Ronan, Shannon, Cheer, Josh, & Griffin
One of Ronan's many silly faces (;
balloon swords!
We stayed until the end of the game so that we could see the awesome firework show!  Sooo worth it!

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