Tuesday, August 23, 2011

July 18-19~ We were so excited to have my friend Melissa and her three kids stay with us overnight while they were in Eugene visiting friends!  They used to live in our neighborhood before moving to Washington last summer, and we have really missed their family!  Our boys have always played well together, and this time the babies were able to interact a little more. (:
Christian, Kaiser, and Lauren

Lauren & Tate--just about 7 months apart

Ronan  & Christian
Christian, Kaiser, & Griffin
The Chase kids liked getting to play with the Kecks, too!

We barbecued in our backyard & the kids played in the hot tub.
Silly Boys!
Tyler loves babies!!
S'mores for dessert!
Ronan & Griffin were excited for their first sleepover, but it ended up not working out as they hoped.  I should've prepared Ronan ahead of time that the boys might want to sleep with their mom (which is what he would have wanted to do if the situation was reversed!).  He was pretty disappointed, but he quickly went to sleep once he calmed down.  In the morning he was sure to tell me that we wouldn't count that as his first sleepover. (:
Here's a picture of the four boys and their 1st attempt at a sleepover. (:

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