Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exchange Students

From July 17-27 we hosted two Chinese students in our home, through a program called Global Perspectives for Youth.  It was something I never really imagined doing (at least not right now, with an already full plate of three little kids at home), but Josh really had an interest in it and encouraged me to agree to it. (:  He had a positive experience staying with a family when he went to Costa Rica for his 5th grade trip, and he thought it would be a neat thing for our kids to experience.  The program director told us that the Chinese students love being around little kids and often feel more comfortable starting up conversations & practicing their English with kids.  So, we went ahead with it and welcomed two 14-year-old girls, Shannon & Cheer, to stay with us.

We found out quickly that Shannon was outgoing and confident, while Cheer was much more shy and reserved.  They were both very sweet and easy to have around!  While they were here, they went to music camp at the University of Oregon from 9-5 each day and then we would spend time with them on the evenings & weekends.  We fit in a lot of fun things during that time, but also realized that they liked having down time to just hang out at our house. 
They were both very talented musicians! Shannon played the guitar and Cheer played the piano.
They sometimes came home from camp with assignments to work on with us.  One night they taught us some Chinese phrases and how to draw Chinese characters, and another night we had to try to explain some English idioms to them...like "spill the beans" or "bend over backwards".  It was pretty funny. (:
 We roasted marshmallows:
Shannon trying her 1st s'more (:
Shannon & Tate
We took them miniature golfing at Camp Putt and to Prince Puckler's for ice cream.
Ronan and the girls trying to balance their golf clubs:


Josh played in a softball game one night and we took these pictures at the playground afterward.  Our boys sure like having "big sisters" to play with!

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