Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tate- 8 months!

July 12th~ Tate got his first tooth when he turned 8 months old!  It came in along with a fever ):, so that was a bummer...although it didn't affect him too much.  In a few days he was back to his happy self.
He is starting to scoot around on the floor--no real crawling yet, but he is definitely close!  He can balance if we help him stand up against the furniture, and you can tell that he feels like a big boy when he does it. 
Tate is babbling more and more every day...mama, dada, lada lada. (: He has started waving, and most recently will raise his hands above his head when we ask, "How big is Tate?".  His big brothers and cousin Tyler really work with Tate on all the "baby tricks". (:

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