Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Erik's Pics

 My brother, Erik Hecht, has an incredible way of capturing my boys' true personalities on camera.  He has a gift!  I can't take credit for any of these pictures-he took them all. (:  But, the kids are mine (and Josh's), so I wanted to share these on my blog.  We were so happy that Erik was able to be in California with us all!  It was great getting to spend time with him, and I appreciated the moments he captured during the trip!
Ronan's acrobatics
I love Griffin's smiley eyes. (:
Oh, my son!  This picture says so much about my goofy boy.  He's only wearing socks (in wood chips) and he's in a baby swing--which I'm sure was Uncle Erik's idea!
"Nice kitty?"
I just love this one of Josh and our boys!  He's such an awesome daddy!
And this one of Tate with Papa--buddy boys!
He has my elbows (;
Doing the robot?
scooter boys
This pose was for sure Uncle Erik's idea! (:
We start 'em young...
Another favorite of mine.  I wonder where Ronan gets his craziness?? (;
Overjoyed with his balloons!
Mr. Cheerful
Thanks again, Erik!

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Photo Booth

 We happened to be seated right next to the photo booth at the reception, and our whole family had a blast with it!  I love this idea for wedding receptions!  The bride and groom get a photo book afterward of everyone's photo booth pictures.  Emily and Ryan will sure remember that the Hecht clan was there. (:
From left to right: Our family, Tyler & Tate, the Chases, and my sisters & I with Aunt Carol & Natasha
The Henry Fam, Sadie, Cedar, & Cohen, another Henry family pic, and Finn going solo. (:
The pics got funnier as the night went on, and we were so surprised to see all the pictures at the end.   We didn't realize that the kids had gone into the booth so many times (and by themselves--Griffin & Finn?!)!
Hannah, Elle, Kellie, & Steve, Melissa & Shaheen, Hannah & Elle, and the bride & groom (:
Like father like son (;, Uncle Mike & Aunt Nancy, the Neal family, and one of the funniest of the night,  Grandpa Stoerman with the bride's Grandma Barrett (:
Such fun memories!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Reception

Our kids took over the dance floor as soon as the reception started!  They could hardly wait for the music to start!
Tate kept up with the big kids for quite awhile (:

Tate got a hold of one of the props for the photo booth.
(Pics from the photo booth will be in another  post)
The Happy Couple
First Dance
Sweet father/daughter moment...
Tate loves balloons!
Mom admiring her niece's beautiful ring.
A quick picture of the couple as they made their rounds.
Uncle Keith & Aunt Carol  (and Aunt Robin & Uncle Truls in the background) during the dance to honor married couples to see who had been married the longest.
my wonderful parents
Aunt Nancy & Uncle Mike--the parents of the bride
Then our kids were back on the dance floor!
little dancin' machines (:
My mom dancing with her sisters. (:
Aunt Becca danced Tate to sleep
Devin & Natasha
Eleanor & Hannah (they have grown up so much since being the flower girls in our wedding over 12 years ago!)
cutting the cake
Lincoln, Finn, & Griffin were right up front for the garter toss, but someone else caught it. (;
Tyler dancing with Memaw & Papa
All eleven Stoerman cousins together for a rare photo opportunity!
Youngest to Oldest, of course. (:  Eleanor, Hannah, Wyatt, Natasha, Emily, Kellie, Erik, Melissa, Katrina, me, & Becca
Me with the beautiful bride. (:  Congratulations, Emily and Ryan!  We are so happy for you guys!