Friday, January 6, 2012

Hecht Family Christmas

It was so nice having the whole family together for Christmas!
The kids tried to be patient as they waited for us adults to get ready for the gift opening!
Memaw read the Christmas story to all the grandkids.
Tate playing peek-a-boo with Memaw (;
The ladies in the kitchen--we all contributed to the brunch menu.
Tate, being the youngest, got to open the first present!
Aunt Katrina handmade a set of felt fruits & veggies and a  felt grocery bag for Tate!  Such a cute gift!  
He calls them all "bapple" (for apple). (: 
Finn getting ready to tear into his stack of gifts from us.
Tate's 1st drum! (from Papa & Memaw)

Sadie's new Angry Birds shirt from us.
I had Becca in this year's gift exchange...
Kenton gave to Josh
Katrina had my name, and gave me some cute new clothes!
Josh gave to Katrina
Hooray for new games!
Erik gave Mom & Papa framed pictures of Seattle that he had captured on his commute to work. 
Oh boy!  Griffin & Ronan were SO very excited about their big gifts from M & P!  Airsoft Rifles!!
I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to try it out with all of the grandchildren.  Tate's hand print is at the very top, and it goes youngest to oldest all the way down to Tyler's giant hands at the bottom (:  Memaw & Papa really liked it!
We couldn't let Christmas pass without putting Tate in the Santa suit that Mom made when Tyler was a baby!   We forgot on Christmas day, so the next day we made sure to do it and get pictures of course. (:

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