Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cali Trip- day 1

We made the long drive through the night down to southern California on January 13th (just four months after our last trip down) for my cousin Emily's wedding!  Everything went as planned, Josh drove the whole time and the boys slept pretty much all night. (:  The roads were clear and we made it in record time-- just 13 hours!
 The boys were sooo excited to wake up in California!!
  Since we arrived early in the morning on a Saturday we decided to stop for breakfast before calling my relatives.  The boys got Mickey Mouse pancakes in honor of our upcoming day at Disneyland!
We got settled into our home for the week  (cousin Melissa & Shaheen's trailer), and  then met up with the rest of my family and the Hickman family for lunch at In-n-Out, of course. (:
Aunt Carol, Uncle Keith, Natasha, Wyatt, Mom & Cedar, me, Josh, & Tate
In the background: Kenton, Erik, Papa, & Mike Lynch (my dad's life-long best friend)
Ronan was all ready to soak up some California sun. (;
That afternoon, all the ladies of the family were invited to the Nail Spa for manicures and pedicures--ahh, it felt nice to be pampered !

Sadie's pretty nails

lovely toes
The Stoerman Sisters: Aunt Carol, Mom, Aunt Nancy, & Aunt Robin
That evening, my sisters and I went out with all of our girl cousins for Emily's bachelorette party!  We started off with dinner at a nice Italian restaurant in Claremont, then went line dancing at a place called Montanas.  It was quite an experience--a first for most of us!
Becca, me, & Natasha ready for our night out!
Emily in the middle surrounded by her sisters, friends, & cousins!
The Bride-to-Be!
Katrina & Becca at dinner
Natasha & me
The Group
Cheers to Emily!
(The pictures at Montana were taken with my phone, so there not the best quality.  Fun memories though!)
Yee Haw!  Who knew line dancing would end up being so much fun?? (;
We found a nice & helpful girl who talked us through the steps (:  Most of the songs were pretty easy to pick up on, but there were some really fast ones with lots of turns and tricky steps. I was impressed with those who could keep up!
Go Melissa, Katrina, & Kellie!

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