Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Morning

I love seeing the excitement on our boys' faces when they come downstairs on Christmas morning!  It's such a sweet moment!  
We had a nice time as a family of five before heading off to celebrate with the extended family.  We ate cinnamon rolls and bacon, (; then dove into the pile of gifts.  
Ronan liked his Angry Birds shirt!
Ronan and Griffin got a few joint presents (video games) this year, since we recently got the PS3.

Griffin got Dagedar tracks from Santa (;
Paper Jamz microphone from Santa (;
New skateboards from Daddy!!
Ronan's big gift was a Whiplash scooter!
And Griffin got a "motorcycle" bike!
When Tate woke up he was excited to tear into the wrapping paper. (:  He liked his new puzzle!
New toys are fun!
Pretty necklaces from Josh (:
I got some Dub Step music for Josh (;
Josh did a great job picking out clothes for me. (:
Rock speakers for the backyard.
They couldn't stand to wait any longer!  While Josh and I finished getting ready to go to my parent's house, Ronan tried out his new whiplash scooter, and Griffin tested out his new bike!

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