Monday, January 30, 2012

The Photo Booth

 We happened to be seated right next to the photo booth at the reception, and our whole family had a blast with it!  I love this idea for wedding receptions!  The bride and groom get a photo book afterward of everyone's photo booth pictures.  Emily and Ryan will sure remember that the Hecht clan was there. (:
From left to right: Our family, Tyler & Tate, the Chases, and my sisters & I with Aunt Carol & Natasha
The Henry Fam, Sadie, Cedar, & Cohen, another Henry family pic, and Finn going solo. (:
The pics got funnier as the night went on, and we were so surprised to see all the pictures at the end.   We didn't realize that the kids had gone into the booth so many times (and by themselves--Griffin & Finn?!)!
Hannah, Elle, Kellie, & Steve, Melissa & Shaheen, Hannah & Elle, and the bride & groom (:
Like father like son (;, Uncle Mike & Aunt Nancy, the Neal family, and one of the funniest of the night,  Grandpa Stoerman with the bride's Grandma Barrett (:
Such fun memories!!

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