Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!!

For New Year's Eve we threw together a party at our house and rang in the New Year with the Chases, Greens, Turanskis, and Erik & Julia.  We spent most of the night playing Just Dance 3 & DJ Hero, and hanging out around the food. (;  Josh even set up all of his black lights and fun party lights!
Alan & Kelly challenged us all to a "Couples Just Dance Competition"!  It was pretty hilarious and a lot of fun. (:
Kelly & me
Erik & Julia
Uncle Erik made Ronan's hair look like Tin Tin's. (:
(We had watched that movie together the day before...)
Josh and I singing to the Michael Jackson game (:
Amy & Becca
Aaron & Ronan
When the kids started getting tired they gathered on our bed to watch a movie.
Trying to hold out til midnight...
Notice Aaron's shirt..."This is What Awesome Looks Like" (;
Ronan is a dancin' machine!
Tate slept from 8:00 until just before midnight, when he was woken by fireworks.  

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