Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Erik's Pics

 My brother, Erik Hecht, has an incredible way of capturing my boys' true personalities on camera.  He has a gift!  I can't take credit for any of these pictures-he took them all. (:  But, the kids are mine (and Josh's), so I wanted to share these on my blog.  We were so happy that Erik was able to be in California with us all!  It was great getting to spend time with him, and I appreciated the moments he captured during the trip!
Ronan's acrobatics
I love Griffin's smiley eyes. (:
Oh, my son!  This picture says so much about my goofy boy.  He's only wearing socks (in wood chips) and he's in a baby swing--which I'm sure was Uncle Erik's idea!
"Nice kitty?"
I just love this one of Josh and our boys!  He's such an awesome daddy!
And this one of Tate with Papa--buddy boys!
He has my elbows (;
Doing the robot?
scooter boys
This pose was for sure Uncle Erik's idea! (:
We start 'em young...
Another favorite of mine.  I wonder where Ronan gets his craziness?? (;
Overjoyed with his balloons!
Mr. Cheerful
Thanks again, Erik!

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