Thursday, February 2, 2012


Since Monday was a holiday (MLK Day) our Salisbury cousins were free to meet us at a park in Glendora!  We were excited to get had been a long time since we last got to hang out!
Oldest to youngest: Adrienne, Heather, Justin, Becca, Josh, me, Katrina, & Erik
My cousin, Josh, his wife, Tanya, and their sweet kids, Alyssa & newborn Joshua
Tate & Tyler
Sweet baby Joshua

Alyssa likes giving kisses (:
Tate is older by about 2 months
Heather's boys, Nico & Dante, with Adrienne's youngest, Luke
Memaw & Papa brought ice cream to the park!
Yumm, Tate liked his ice cream cone!
Heather's cuties: Dante, Chiara, and Nico
Papa's friend Mike came to the park, too, and he was happy to be our cameraman for the group shot.
The whole group: The Roger Hecht clan and the Connie (Hecht) Salisbury crew
The Second Cousins: Tate, Sadie, McKenzie, Pauline, Alyssa, Chiara, Cedar, Dante, Jake, Nico, Luke, Ronan, Griffin, Tyler, Finley, Jacob, & Cohen
Sadie & Pauline love being helpers with the baby cousins!
Papa with Aunt Connie, his big sister (:

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