Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beach Party

We were so excited that our vacation coincided with Aunt Carol's 50th Birthday and that we could all celebrate together-in person!!  Uncle Keith, Natasha, & Wyatt planned an awesome party for her at the beach.  They were so creative with the decorations (and props (:  for the birthday girl to wear) and even planned games for us all to play.   I just thought it was so sweet of her family to do all that for her BIG birthday. (; (Warning: this post is over-loaded with pictures!!  I couldn't help myself!)
Aunt Carol & Uncle Keith
Tate liked playing in the sand, and didn't try to eat much (if any) as opposed to our last visit to the beach. 
Ronan & Griffin were super excited to get to spend the day at the beach.    They even braved the water and played in the waves.
Griffin & Finley
Griffin, Finley, Cedar, & Ronan
Tate was interested in the water, but didn't get too close.
Future boogie boarder (:
My cousin Melissa came along with her two boys (Shaheen had to work that day).  I thought this picture was cute of Kenton & Melissa walking Lincoln down to the water. 

Ronan, Wyatt, U. Keith, A. Carol, Mom, Josh, & Papa
(It was a nice day, but it got windy & chilly in the afternoon/evening)
Melissa with her sweet boys, Dominic & Lincoln
The Hickman Fam
Josh got in the water and helped some of the kids with boogie boarding.
Tyler getting ready to brave the waves (:
Go Griffin!
If you look closely you can see a dolphin fin out in the water.  We saw several dolphins swimming & playing around right in front of where we were sitting.  It's like they were putting on a show for Aunt Carol's party. (:
Everyone lined up & ready for relay races.
The three-legged race was awesome--so funny to watch!  Even the littlest kids got involved.
Sadie & Ronan
Griffin & Finn

Aunt Carol & Josh
Kenton & Katrina
Becca & Tyler
Josh & Aunt Carol were the big winners of the three-legged race (:
Jaimi was able to come to the beach after work since she lives right there in Huntington Beach!  I was so happy to get to see her, even if it was for just a few hours.
Besties Forever (:
Josh took these next several pictures of Ronan, Tyler, Finn, & Kenton playing on the sand "cliffs".
Another photo opp~ Sunset Pics (
Jaimi with her "nephews" (;
Our family
Hee hee, a picture of Becca taking  a picture of herself (:
Becca, Cohen, & Aaron
Pretty Sunset!
At Sunset we had cake & ice cream, then sat around the bonfire while Aunt Carol opened her gifts.
Katrina, Cedar, Dominic, & Uncle Mike

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