Friday, February 17, 2012

Last Day in Cali

Josh got up with our early riser (Tate) and went out to get donuts from The Donut Man!  They were oh so yummy!
The striped ones are called Tiger Tails--the picture doesn't really do 'em justice, but they are humongous!
We packed up and moved out of our home for the week.  Here are some views of Melissa & Shaheen's trailer--we would LOVE to have one just like it! (:
Ronan & Griffin slept in the bunk beds (in the back left of the photo), and Tate slept in a pack'n play.
*Side note: While we were tucking the boys into bed the night before, Griffin began asking questions about heaven and God.  And, after awhile of discussion with Josh and me, he made the decision to ask Jesus into his heart. (:  It was such a precious moment that we will never forget!
After getting all packed up we went to lunch with the Chases, Aunt Carol, & Wyatt at a cute little Mexican restaurant within walking distance from the Hickman's house. (Ronan is not actually sad in this picture, he is just being goofy for the camera...)
I like this picture of Sadie & Aaron (:
Me, Aunt Carol, & Becca
Our family in the bright California sun!  
Back at the Hickmans, Ronan found this wig that Uncle Keith wore one year for Halloween.  Hee hee! 
Ronan had been asking to see the Rose Bowl stadium (since the Ducks had just recently won the Rose Bowl), so we decided to make a quick stop there...even though there wasn't much to see from the outside. (:  It was still fun for our boys to see it.  We took some pictures 'cuz you just never know if someday they will play football there--ha ha...they can dream big. (:
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Goodbye palm trees...
We ended our trip with one last dinner at In-N-Out with the Barretts, Hickmans, Adamians, Melissa & her boys, the Chases, and Henrys.  It was hard to say goodbye to everyone---we had such a great week there!  I wish we all lived closer, but it definitely makes us appreciate the times that we do get to see each other!
Photo borrowed from Katrina

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