Friday, February 17, 2012

Dinner at the Barrett's

The Barretts invited us all over when we got back from visiting Oma.  They are used to having only two little ones around, Lincoln & Dominic, so it may have been a little overwhelming for them to have our excited troop of kiddos there! (:  Aunt Nancy made a delicious pasta & Italian sausage dinner for us and the Henrys made brownies for dessert!  We all had fun hanging out!
Katrina might like me to clarify that she is drinking iced tea, not beer. (;

Tate trying out the cool toys with Lincoln closely watching. (:
Tate was a little unsure about being held by Steve
Sweet, smiley Dominic!
After dinner the kids settled into watching Toy Story 3
Dominic & Tate wearing their matching "drink cup" onesies
Hmmm.  Not sure if Ronan should've tried this with little eyes watching (see Lincoln in the lower left corner).
cute second cousins (:

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