Thursday, February 16, 2012


We had the most amazing day at Disneyland during our vacation!  It truly was a perfect Disney day!!  I think mid-January is now my favorite/ideal time to go because the weather was just right (not too hot, not too cold), the lines were short (sometimes non-existent!), and it just didn't feel crowded!  My parents were SO wonderfully kind to keep Tate & Cedar for the day in Glendora so that the Chases, Henrys, and us could make the most of our day at Disneyland with the bigger kids.  We got to go on all the big rides and not have to worry about strollers, diapers, & nap times.  I don't know if I said it enough, but THANK YOU again Mom & Papa for being willing to do that for us!
  (In a few years we'll have to go back with the little ones, and Memaw & Papa, and Erik, too!  And, we for sure want to do the same with Josh's side of the family, because it is just SO much fun watching the cousins experience Disneyland together!)
Now for the pictures, which were mainly taken with my phone and my annoying small camera.  (Still great memories!) Feel free to look at Katrina's post to see all the great pictures she took! (;
Our family (minus Tate)
The Henry family (minus Cedar)
The whole Chase fam!
Sooo excited to be at Disneyland!!
Our first stop was Star Tours! 
Ronan's tummy got a little upset during this ride, but it didn't stop him from enjoying the rest of the day.
We encountered some Storm Troopers outside the ride...
Space Mountain was a favorite for most of us!! 
After Star Tours & Space Mountain we needed to go with some mellow rides to give Ronan's stomach a break! 
Finn & Griffin were excited to get to drive!
The Finding Nemo submarine ride was pretty cool. (:
Lunch Time
The dad were good about carrying the Novemberists when their little legs needed a rest. (:
Sisters~ waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
(Ronan's favorite ride)
Cohen had been sick most of the trip, but he was a trooper that day!  I'm so glad he felt well enough to enjoy the rides!
Ro & Ty
Ronan & Griffin each brought souvenir money they had been saving in their piggy banks.  Ronan bought a sword after the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. (:
Ronan and I held back while the rest of the group went on Splash Mountain!  Griffin rode in the front of the boat with Josh--and loved it!  His favorite ride was the Indiana Jones ride, even though afterward he said to us, "Why did they say I was tall enough to go on that? I was too scared!" (:
Posing with Alice & the Mad Hatter
Griffin & I went on the teacup ride together (:  (Finn & Kenton did, too!)
We got Mickey Mouse ears for Tate, and Griffin tried 'em out to made sure they would fit him .
Small World was still decorated for Christmas
Toon Town
While the rest of the group went on Space Mountain for the second time, Josh and I took our boys and Sadie & Cohen to watch Captain Eo (:
Griffin spent his souvenir money on light-up Mickey Mouse ears. (:
Waiting for the parade to start...
There's Mickey!
The Little Mermaid
Princess and the Frog
We did it!!  And all the kids were still smiling on the shuttle ride back to the cars!

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