Thursday, May 27, 2010

HS Fundraiser

On Saturday, May 15th, Josh and I helped out with the Wild, Wild, Wild West Dinner, Talent Show, & Silent Auction fundraiser at our church.  We were raising money to help send high school students to Hume Lake summer camp, and the event was a huge success!  (The grand total from ticket sales, auction items, and cash donations was $8,000!)  It was great to see so many students involved in serving food and performing in the talent show!   
Some pictures of the fun table decorations:
We were in charge of the Happy Hour fruity drinks during the silent auction.
Katrina & Kenton
Some of our wonderful servers: Jane, Megan, Rachel, Kendra, & Chelsea
 Eric & Jason ~ the emcees for the night
the High School worship band
 Me and my friend, Megan (:

(Thanks again, Aaron & Becca, for watching our boys for us!!)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Friday, May 14th, was Ronan's jog-a-thon at school!  It was an exciting day for him, because after hearing about his cousins doing jog-a-thons at their school over the years, he was finally getting to do one of his own. (:  He raised $100 for the school, and the prize for him doing that is a special field trip/activity day at Camp Harlow! 
Ronan's kindergarten class at Holt Elementary:
Ronan running with his friend, Ryan.
Josh was able to come during his lunch break, and Memaw,Finn, & Cedar joined us, too.
The jog-a-thon lasted for an hour and most of the kids were able to complete all 10+ laps around the school.  They were so hot and tired afterward, but we were all thankful for the sunny weather (especially since it has been raining SO much here lately)!

Mother's Day- round 2

In the evening on Mother's Day we went to Amy & Jon's house to have dinner and celebrate with Josh's mom.  When we were driving to their house it suddenly started pouring down rain and there was thunder & lightning!  It was kind of crazy after such a beautiful, sunny afternoon.  We all hung out inside and the kids played great together.  When there was a break from the rain we went outside to take pictures:
Josh with his Mom & sisters, Amy & Erin
Amy & her kids:
Macey and Ethan (3 and 1/2), & Emma (19 months)
Erin & her kids:
Audrey (almost 11), Dylan (5), and Lydia (7 and 3/4)
sweet Mother & Daughter moment
The kids found huge worms in the grass (:
 Josh's parents with their new car!
me, Amy, & Erin
When we got home Ronan remembered that he still hadn't given me the gift he made for me at school.  I loved his sweet card and the neat photo that was taken of him through a kaleidoscope.
What a full, fun Mother's Day weekend!

it's tradition...

...every year on Mother's Day my family tries to play a game of baseball together just like my mom remembers doing when she was growing up.  It was a perfect day for it, and it was fun having so many eager little kids wanting to play!
All the cousins waiting for a turn at bat
Memaw at bat
Ronan and Papa took turns being pitcher
Uncle Aaron trying to tag Ronan out (:
Cedar wants to play baseball, too. (:
~Photo by Memaw~
Pretty Sadie
Katrina helping Cedar take steps--none on his own yet. (:
The Whole Fam
(Except for Erik, who wasn't able to come down from Seattle.  We missed him!)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mother's Day-round 1

On Sunday, May 9th, after church, we went to my parent's house for a Mother's Day barbecue.  It was such a pretty, sunny day~-just perfect for eating & playing outside!
Me with my boys:
Ronan (5 and 3/4) & Griffin (almost 3 and 1/2)
Me with my Mommy
12 weeks pregnant!
Papa fixing the kabobs~ yummy!
 all the mamas
Becca with her kiddos:
Tyler (10), Sadie (6 and 3/4), Cohen (4 and 1/2)
Katrina & her boys:
Finley (3 and 1/2) and Cedar (1)

Pre-Mother's Day

Saturday, May 8th~ Ronan had a t-ball game in the morning and then we ran a few errands before heading home.  At Costco there happened to be a fundraiser going on for the Children's Miracle Network where you could get your picture taken with Star Wars characters! It was a pretty big deal for our boys. (:  After the picture Griffin said, "that Darth Vader was really nice." (:
When we got home, Josh and the boys gave me my Mother's Day gifts: two hanging baskets with flowers that they helped Daddy plant, and two big ceramic pots for our back deck to plant vegetables in.
Since we knew that most of Sunday would be focused on celebrating with our moms, Josh wanted to take me out to dinner so that we could have a special time for just the four of us.  We went to Kowloon because the fried rice and sweet & sour soup sounded really good to me. (:  It was a nice treat getting to spend that time with my favorite guys!!